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Jenifer headshot business owner and nutritionist

Jenifer, Nutritionist and Business Owner, Glos.

Professional Product review

Hence has helped me feel more alert, even without my daily caffeine hit, when I have been up through the night with my daughter or staying up far too late with work commitments. General life sleep deprivation has me craving my mid-morning coffee but since taking Hence Greens I have not needed one at all.
I struggled with my first taste of Hence Greens. It was by no means my first rodeo enduring greens but there was nose holding at first. However, a few weeks on I can say I nearly enjoy my greens drink. Maybe not the process itself but perhaps it’s the effect I enjoy so much.

I certainly plan on making it a part of my daily life and am happy my partner is trying it as well; next challenge will be trying to get it into my daughter!


Morwenna Gould, Medical Biochemist, nutritional therapist, writer and Expert in health, nutrition and person development

I have to say I am extremely impressed at the spread of benefits and depth of impact Greens Stack has. I've reviewed several nutritional formulations in the past and I'm usually underwhelmed by the ingredients and dose. But this is a prepared mix with a deep nutritional punch in terms of dose and nutraceutical value.

Rick Hay - Author and TV personality headshot

Rick Hay, Author and TV presenter, Anti Ageing,  Nutrition and Fitness EXPERT

Ive been taking Greens Stack before the gym for a natural energy boost. Love super greens as they are packed full of Chlorophyll, Iron and Magnesium

Gaz Parker jumping Spartan Race

Gaz Parker, Spartan Race UK ambassador

Greens Stack is my go to source for a natural boost & focus this stuff!!

Simon Stewart weights

Simon Stewart, Personal Trainer, Infitness_and_health, Northampton.

I have been using Greens Stack now for 3 weeks, I have noticed an great increase in my performance and mental focus during my training sessions. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a natural product to boost there physical and mental performance for any type of physical activity that they are engaged in.

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Danny Mace Jet Skiing

Danny Mace, European GP Jet SKi racer and OSTEOPATH 

Since using Greens Stack I've noticed some good changes!  I use it after training to help my recovery.  I fell more alert during the course of the day and massively reduced my fatigue from hard training sessions.  I've also been using it before an event and noticed fatigue is less and less of an issue!  I'm very impressed by it!

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Lucy Backhouse with hot air balloon

Lucy - Pilates instructor, Glos.

I started using Hence a week ago and I am not disappointed! I've been ill all winter, fallen out of my gym routine and just felt generally sluggish. Hence has already given me the boost I needed to get into a better routine. My performance is increasing and I feel less fatigued post work out. On top of this I also feel like I’m more engaged day to day. I've got a few more days to go and I wouldn’t have got this far so quickly without Hence! The flavour is definitely ‘green’ but doesn’t leave a nasty after taste at all, I’ve been having the shake pre breakfast and it’s working well for me! 

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Zoe Davis drinking coconut headshot

Zoë - London

I've been using Greens Stacks for a little over three weeks and have found myself with much more energy. It's even made my skin noticably clearer and my nails stronger. Although you know you're drinking a health powder, the juicy peach flavour really takes the edge off the green flavour and it's so easy to mix and drink on the go.

Katie handstand for Greens Stack

Katie, Facebook review

I started using Hence Green Stack when I decided to give up my red bull habit. (2 cans every morning before I went the gym). This time around I didn't get any headaches or moods and I'd say it's down to having Green Stack. I have noticed a great improvement in my skin and hair and also have a lot more energy. I would recommend green stack to all my friends 👌👌👌

Claire seaside plank

Claire, Facebook fan

When I started using the Hence green stack I wasn’t expecting to notice anything to be honest, but I did feel like I had more energy, my mood changed, felt more alive, my nails grew stronger too. I’m so glad I have introduced this into my lifestyle as I do think it’s a good addition. The taste is okay, I didn’t like the smell most of all, but what it does to your body makes up for that totally. Excellent product.

Luke Backhouse after gym headshot

Luke Backhouse, Founder of Hence.

I designed Greens Stack so I guess I'm bias but I wanted to share my experience of taking Greens Stack because I have experimented with recipes and serving sizes quite a lot now!  From a benefits perspective Greens Stack has helped launch this Brand, kept me focused and capable whilst working hard in the gym (when I get chance).  Wit regards to the all important recipes I've tried...!!... My personal favourite is Greens Stack, milk, and peanut butter (sometimes a bit of PB2 too).  My least favourite recipe is Greens Stack in scrambled eggs!  But its great with Squash, juice, smoothies, yoghurt, protein powder (Stevia sweetened though).