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Developing brand new products from scratch with nothing more than a deep rooted passion in the beginning...

The below resources are predominantly sites with a deep database of history - useful for Ingredients reseach, Nutrients understanding, removing the smoke and mirrors from trademark blends, and more.

There are also tools for Diet tracking and improvement, fitness plans and workouts, calculators, insightful bloggers, podcasters and  so much more!!

  *All Free resources, no affiliations or buy ins required.

If you have any resources you use that you feel people would benefit from send them in, by emailing 



Probably the top resource for ingredient research, independent study finding and general nutritional guidance.  The guys that run the site give so much research and information for free and only a few small aspects behind a pay wall.  Truly, if you want to know more about how to improve your diet or info on a individual ingredient this is the Top resource, no doubt. 


British nutrition foundation

Obviously more UK focused with an absolute wealth of information available. Works very nicely to build up a basic knowledge of nutritional understanding in an application sense rather than all scientific. My favourite are - Nutritional Science, Nutrients, foods and Ingredients - Understand every aspect of nutrition from Macros to Micros in well explained summaries so you can start digging into the weeds...


Muscle for life

Disclaimer: they have their own Supplement range and the site can be quite sales focused initially...

But there are so many resources to benefit from after you scroll down the page.  From Macro nutrient calculators to detailed explanations of Steroids, fad ingredients and Free training plans.  Mike Matthews covers all aspects of Fitness & diet in this blog style resource. You could consider it stupid to adding a link to a competitor, but when you do so much good work in altering people's perceptions of the industry, introduce quality products and provide so much free information, he should not be ignored.


Body Fat percentage calculation

Body Fat percentage calculation is more than just aesthetics.  Examining yourself for Healthy habits, lifestyle and ageing Body Fat is having an impact.  If you want to live a longer, healthier life, Body Fat should be a decent starting point for anyone. 

Reaching a healthy body fat percentage of 12-15% for Men and 20-25% for women is the 1st stop in the performance and healthy Journey. If you have been training hard for years and not seen the progress you would like, this is could be the reason (due to diet, macros & & micro nutrients etc).  Its like your warning system - Am I getting this right, is my body fat stable or decreasing?



Informed Sport

A global certification program from all things sports nutrition.  Certified Manufacturers, Brands, and even Raw Materials.  Every batch of product is tested random spot checks are carried out.  Hence will shorty be under the Informed Sport umbrella and available for professional athletes and service around the world as a result!



Whether your starting out in Fitness, or plateaued with your current routine, Stronglifts is a great resource for starting to get improvements in all areas.  How to guides for all major lifts, a clear summary of how to add strength to build muscle, lose fat, get healthier and even run further.  All explanations are no BS and easy to put into practice. 



A well established Blog style site with regular insights and updated information. The main of the focus is on Antioxidants and their improtance. (we have stuff in common!) their ORAC values list is a useful resource once you start considering you diet for your body's antioxidant - to - free radiacal balance.


My Fitness Pal & (if you have the time) Wholesome Apps

Tracking Macros & Micro nutrients can be the difference between no success and the performance you always wanted.  Understand nutrition at a Macro nutrient level and you have an advatage over the rest of the field. Track your daily intake and you will see results fast.  Add the next layer at a MicroNutrient level and you unlock energy, focus, speed in recovery and long term health benefits with every step of detail. 


Mind Pump Podcast

Not necessarily the cleanest way to get up to date information, but these guys become like long lost friends within a couple of episodes!  They know their stuff, nutrition or fitness related and have guests covering all aspects of the Healthy fitness & Nutrition scene.  (check out the episode with Paul Chek.)  If you enjoy podcasts and are into your health and fitness, this is one ofr you!


More to come, these are just the most beneifical to everyone!