The ultimate health stack supplement. Plant based phytonutrients from nature’s premium greens and antioxidants with a powerful blend of adaptogenic herbs for a noticeable boost. Juicy peach flavour.




Whether you’re training, competing or simply leading a busy life, Greens Stack helps you get more out of every day. Our powerful greens powder is designed to offer exceptional levels of nutrients that even the best balanced diet can’t achieve.

We’ve sourced the world’s top sources of phytonutrients and adaptogens and blended them in a way that increases their bio-availability. Greens Stack has a higher potency and better efficacy than any other product available. This is no ordinary greens powder.

From day one you’ll notice results, starting with a boost in mood and energy. The longer term effects are even better - assisting with everything from physical strength to brain power, and even protection from all kinds of diseases and ailments.



Organic spinach leaf for iron and vitamin K. Organic as it takes lots of it's best properties from the ground it grows in.

Kale for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and phytonutrient properties. Anti-ageing, anti-cancer, cognitive support, vision, heart health.

Broccoli sprout a source of sulphoraphane, an amazing anti-cancer molecule as well fat-loss, gut-health and bone strengthening properties.

Matcha is a type of green tea rich in catechins, which neutralise free-radicals, boost energy and reduce stress.

Spirulina is a blue green algae famed for it’s energising, fat burning and immune system boosting properties.

PLUS: Moringa Oleifera - Curcuma - Yamabusitake - Dang-Gui Buxue Tang - Black Pepper Extract - Maca Root Extract - Ashwagandha Extract
+ stevia and natural flavouring




The most immediate and noticeable impact of Greens Stack is the energy boost, so we suggest taking it early in the day to harness this power. For some, the energy boost can last for a couple of days so you may not need to use Greens Stack every day.

Start with 1 scoop about 1 hour after waking up. You can add it to water (we suggest 300ml) or put it in your shake, smoothie or juice.

Try increasing your dose before a sporting event. Greens Stack will offer extra immune support, and reduce free radicals and inflammation - perfect for combatting the increased strain of preparing for a competition.



Greens Stack was the first product we developed, the flagship of Hence, and we really did our homework. We have over 300 studies and citations on these ingredients and their effects. We want to share all this with you guys because a) we know that some of you will want to learn about the benefits of all these ingredients for yourselves and b) we’re quite proud of it and want to show it off.

However, there’s loads of it and if we shared all the research here this page may never end - some of you would get bored and some of you would simply never reach the buy button. So, instead you can find the research HERE - you’ll need to be sitting comfortably for this one.



"Greens Stack is my go-to source for a natural boost and focus this stuff!!”
- Gaz Parker, Spartan Race UK ambassador

"I have noticed an great increase in my performance and mental focus during my training sessions. I would highly recommend this product..."
- Simon Stewart, Personal Trainer




How can Greens Stack help?

Whether you’re training, competing or simply living a busy life, Greens Stack helps you get the maximum from every activity.

Of course a balanced diet and eating ‘food for fuel’ is the first priority, but sometimes you need a bit more – and even the healthiest diet can’t keep us fuelled for peak performance on its own.

Greens Stack is designed to give a noticeable boost in mood and energy from day one along with the many longer-term performance, recovery and health benefits that are brought about by the unique mix of natural ingredients.

What’s Greens Stack made of?

Greens! But not any greens…we select the best quality ingredients that have been tested and researched and perform exceptionally well in benefitting body and/or mind and blend them to maximise effectiveness and bio-availability. They are all top phytonutrients (natural plant products containing ingredients with benefits to human health) and adaptogens (herbs that help the body to adapt to perform better mentally and/or physically under varying conditions).

You can see the full breakdown of ingredients HERE.

The combination of ingredients are antioxidants, mood-boosters, hormone-balancers, energy boosters and anti-inflammatories stacked into one super greens product unlike anything else available (at the time of writing).

Why are Phytonutrients and Adaptogens important?

They support you to perform at your best, naturally. They improve your wellbeing in the short and long term and even the healthiest diet will miss some of these valuable powerhouse ingredients. Even those you do ingest you may not be optimally absorbed for a number of reasons.

How is Green Stack different to any other fitness supplement?

Supplementing is often misunderstood and mis-managed. For example ‘saving’ your daily macros or workout with a protein powder or pre-workout isn’t going to get you to a better place long term. Getting your body to optimum performance and optimum health should be part of the same goal, without sacrificing long-term health benefits for short-term artificial performance boosts and synthetic products. When you’re healthier, you perform better.



Choose from flexible purchasing options to suit your needs PLUS A FREE Greens Stack performance tracking tool with every purchase allowing you to monitor key components of your health that are targeted by the ingredients in Greens Stack


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Want to learn more about the powerful benefits of phytonutrients and adaptogens? Not sure what they are anyway? Check out our RESOURCES where you'll find links to lots of great reading material as well as our own stuff on the BLOG. You can also find out more ABOUT HENCE HERE.