After months of careful consideration of the sourcing, extraction of the CBD, carrier oils and delivery methods, Hence brings you CBD++.

Embrace Recovery




CBD++ is designed with Athletes in mind - hard charging, chest beating individuals looking to maximise their potential.

CBD++ is certified 0% THC and so suitable for every level of athlete. We chose to use a solid state carrier oil (organic coconut oil) for additional versatility in uses - topical or edible.

The thinking is as simple as the formula and equally precise. Each eco-pod contains 100mg of CBD oil, this is designed to be used on rest days (away from the training schedule is optimum) - either broken up over the course of the day or in one hit!

The thinking is to significantly enhance recovery - reduced anxiety (a common issue with athletes on rest days); enhance sleep quality; and aid recovery in reducing inflammation, lessening pain and fight free radicals.



Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Butter (carrier oil) - giving us the added benefits of the coconut and clean sourced plant oil.

0% THC high strength CBD oil (the active) - precisely chosen to be high in CBD, and other cannabinoids but with 0% THC - extracted in such a way to keep a quality broad spectrum oil without any hidden nasties, solvents etc.

Terpenes mix (recovery biased enhancement) - what gives the product its hint of hemp flavour whilst being highly synergistic in optimising the active ingredients within the CBD oil - blended specifically for our preferred use case - Embrace Recovery.

Packaged in 6x5g Eco-Pods - Bio-degradable plastic pods, you can feel comfortable with single use.



In its solid state (up to temp. 20C) CBD++ can be used in a range of ways - be creative!

  • Straight out the pod! Either whole or split into multiple servings

  • With food - melted or crumbled (we like yogurt and granola; in a stirfry; or on toast!)

  • Blended into a Smoothie (along with Greens Stack of course!)

  • As a topical ointment- rubbed into aching joints, muscles or hands

  • As an enhanced coconut butter

    • for Ketogenic diet or

    • during Intermittent fasting periods

  • In coffee to blunt negative caffeine impact

  • Or however you fancy - please tell us the great ideas you find! With #embracerecovery



The development of this product, as with all our own Hence Stacks, is based around extensive research. Hours of studies and months of raw product supplier conversations conclude with a precise but broadly simple formula. Hidden within is a precisely chosen set of parameters specifically chosen to exactly affect the athlete as required. Noticeably effective - our no.1 product goal. Always.

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"Rest days are certainly more restful! I sleep more soundly than ever…”
- David Long, Hence ambassador

"I have noticed an great increase in my performance and mental focus during my training sessions. I would highly recommend this product..."
- Simon Stewart, Personal Trainer




How can CBD++ help?

CBD is most noticeable as a slightly calming supplement - reducing the feeling of anxiety, enhancing quality of sleep, relieving pain and fatigue and assisting overall recovery. CBD++ is developed with this firmly in mind. At the end of a weekly training cycle, that day or days of rest are crucial for bouncing back to training effectively and seeing progress as an athlete. This means the rest needs to be done right, Hence we developed CBD++ to help ensure this happens every time.

Why 0% THC?

THC is the psycho-active aspect of Cannabis. It’s illegal over 0.02mg per serving and importantly a tested substance in many of the professional athletic drug tests these days. For that reason we chose to remove any trace. The trade off is one that is only really found as a myth or rumour within the industry - the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the believed impact of trace THC in a CBD product to enhance the effectiveness. The only studies that really come close to proving this do so on patients with conditions such as MS or Epilepsy where THC has a positive impact on the condition, instead of the CBD.

How is CBD++ different to any other fitness performance supplement?

Well 1st off, there is no comparable product like CBD++! No one has the 0% THC with coconut butter in 100mg dosage in an athlete focused solution. Considering there are 100s of “full spectrum oil”, CBD gummies etc. no-one is making this (yet).

If your 1st thought to this is no biggie, think again! The devil is in detail. The quality of CBD density in CBD oil is one of the largest variables in the CBD industry. If you pay for the “extra strength 1000mg tincture, how good is the CBD oil? How much CBD does it actually contain? Our COA (test report) is here. If your CBD supplier doesn’t share this, what are they selling you?? Do they know?



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