The Great September Push Up Challenge - Don't be Sh1t!


With some really great stuff coming down the line for us in the next few months we thought what better way to enjoy the upcoming product launches than to launch us all in to a challenge!

Not some heavy duty workout, for time and serious faces everywhere…

Instead a challenge with some flare and artistic license!

A Callisthenics Push Up Challenge!


Where, in theory, you only have to do one Push up at the most creative and hardest scale of Callisthenics (some ideas below). Hardest only meaning if you have a chance of fail, you could always share that with us too!

All we ask is tag us in the video @hence_stacks on Instagram or “Hence” on Facebook.

The more flare, the more artistic license and more it makes us smile the better chance you have of winning a hence goodie bag worth £100+

So get practising and get posting…


Push up suggestions of scale & ideas

  • Knees down

  • Incline push up

  • Full push up

  • Decline

  • Close handed

  • Diamond

  • Tricep (hands crossed under chest)

  • Wide handed

  • Overhead extended

  • Uneven (one arm up on block)

  • Typewriter (arm extended to side)

  • Plyometric deficit 

  • Windscreen wiper

  • Pause reps

  • Assisted one arm (one arm on block arm out straight)

  • One arm

  • Clap push ups(one arm to chest)

  • Multiple claps

  • Muay Thai (Clap behind back)

  • Set of claps (front back front, etc)

  • Superman (arms out in front)

  • X jumps

  • Flying squirrel (jump and turn)

  • Thigh slap

  • Toe touch

  • Cross toe touch

  • Hands behind head

  • Fingertips (and variations eg one arm, 2 fingers, etc)

  • Planche push up scales (hands near the waist, to feet off ground)

  • Handstand (wall and freestanding)

  • From standing push to rebound

  • Rollover (jumping body spin to land back in PU)

Not our normal blog post, but this felt important, in a funny sort of way.

Hence, it’s bigger than fitness.