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Hence is here to provide science-backed, real products and solutions to help you to make decisions for your long term health. Ultimately, for personal growth & performance progress. 

This is the focus, this is the mission. 

How can you be expected to see the true value proposition in a product if finding uncompromised & clear educational content is harder than it needed to be.  

It’s out there & it’s free. 

We understand some of this info you want to know and trust in a brand (hence we called Hence!) but there is always value in completely independent research, i.e. we don’t send you to our chosen studies or reports, you go out and find out about X ingredient and agree (or disagree) with our formulas.

We get it, and love it!

Maybe you haven’t realised it yet, but your access to scientifically-accurate, well-researched and trustworthy health content is being censored.

Just this year, sites like &, have seen massive drops in traffic due to algorithm changes. But these changes might not be as transparent as they seem.

What can you do?

  • Learn - SelfHacked blog post here add to this argument.

  • Learn - everything you use as fuel, you are accountable for.  Particularly important when it comes to supplementation or enhancing nutrition i.e. biohacking or programmed nutritional plans etc. Do the research, it’s interesting!

  • Learn - you get a continual information stream from your body (and mind) as feedback from your choices, learning to listen can help reduce the pain points dramatically. 

Let’s not pursue this too much further, Hence can do with the website traffic it can get so attacking search engines is probably not relevant and instead look to do some good! correct those wrongs

Here is some of the research and finding we have recently found, to get the information highway started...

Energy sources

There are 3 energy systems that run the body 

The first is the Creatine Phosphate which used ATP it’s a fast energy for powerful movements which last up to ten second.. 

The second is the lactate energy system it’s used mainly for anaerobic movements that last between 10 and 2 mins like fast runs , weight movements , intervals etc and this uses glucose (carbs) for fuel 

And the last is the aerobic energy system and this is for slower and mostly everyday movements like fast walks cross trainer at a steady pace etc and this uses Fat for an energy source ... 

Here is a graphic to read ... it’s about the fuel you consume and how it is or can be stored


Myths or Hard-Hitting statements that needed addressing for Hence...

Antioxidants & timing around a workout - 

This was one that bugged the Hence Ethos and muddied the water for some sceptics on how effective a product like Greens Stack could be for athletes at the various levels of fitness and training. This study - is particularly helpful here in removing a lot of broader arguments and getting into the gory details.  What we can do is save you an hour of readying a cover the key takeaways.

  • Considering all antioxidant use and all exercise or workouts for athletes the same is the issue. They range, massively.

  • Any athlete “lightly training” in volume, intensity and/or frequency should refrain from antioxidant supplements around exercise.  Their body is doubtful in an acute enough condition with excess free radicals to need to this around the exercise window (1 hour before, during or 2 hours post).  Put simply, use another time of the day!

  • When an athlete is pushing themselves hard, antioxidant supplementation around the training window is considered advantageous with the below points to consider

    • A wider range of antioxidant sources is preferred

    • Exact timing preference is down to the individual, mainly down to gut response.  (meaning if you don’t like the way it feels pre workout or during have Greens Stack after exercise with food!)

    • A positive impact can be found in particular high intensity exercise patterns and heavy weight trained athletes, particularly when a wide range of antioxidants are used.

Hence Greens Stack
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Powerful, unique formula of perfectly balanced micronutrients

Greens Stack is stacked with the most powerful and beneficial herbs for athletic performance. A mighty combination of phytonutrients and adaptogens designed to cover the micronutrients missing from your diet in a convenient peach flavoured powder drink sweetened with natural stevia.

Purchase also includes access to the Greens Stack and Track Tool to help you track your progress with Greens Stack.

30x 10g servings
Dose to suit your needs. Maximum 8-10 servings per week.

Free UK delivery
No-nonsense money-back guarantee

Active ingredients: spirulina (2.43g), yamabushitake (1g), kale (0.67g), maca root extract (0.5g), organic spinach leaf (0.33g), broccoli sprout (166.67mg), moringa oleifera (166.67mg), turmeric(166.67mg), ashwagandha extract (166.67mg), black pepper extract (6.67mg), matcha green tea (1.67mg), dang-gui buxue tang (1.67mg).

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