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About Forth, our testing partner

Forth offer a professional testing service in partnership with Hence so you can test, track and optimise your body’s key biomarkers.

The finger prick, blood testing kit is sent to your door with full instructions and postage paid for the sample to be returned. 48hrs later you can see your results on your very own dashboard.

To get the most out of your body, keep in shape and optimise your performance, you need to look beyond surface level markers and understand what is happening to your body on the inside.

Forth offer sports related blood tests offering a whole range of biomarkers to enable you to optimise your training. These include markers relating to oxygen carrying capacity, immune function, fatigue, recovery and over-training.

The results of this simple at home finger prick test are through within 2 days via a personal dashboard with easy to understand graphics and comments that will help identify the cause of any dips in performance, giving insight into when to reduce activity level or improve diet and nutrition.