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Hence…Our Mission: Going BIG

Not just selling products we've developed ourselves and really BELIEVE IN but also SUPPORTING OUR CUSTOMERS to achieve their goals. Whether you're a pro athlete to Instagram booty-shaker or more likely the everyday hero, navigating all the health and fitness B.S.

GOING BIG for us is about realigning what you need to GET MORE with what you think you need. Education is everywhere, Massive action isn’t.

We've found what works and want to share it.  

Hence, I started Hence…


I’m Luke Backhouse and I started Hence, designed the Stacks and built the Brand…

I once trusted marketing claims and when what was delivered wasn’t as promised, I set about getting it right.

Not some crazed vigilante but I simply won’t compromise, particularly when it comes to my personal health and fitness.

Doing the work in “what actually works” and “what we actually need” to progress and grow as individuals it became clear there was a lot of misleading going on.

But it isn’t actually that hard, Hence we have a small & unique product offering of what I found we actually want to thrive as a tribe of progressing people wanting more.

With focus, comes Integrity.

Hence Greens Stack

At Hence, we firmly believe food supplements are exactly that - supplementary to a good, balanced diet. So we don’t want to replace your vegetables with Greens Stack or fill holes in a poor diet.

We aim to provide…

> SYNERGY (grouped ingredients, perfectly timed around your schedule)

> CONVENIENCE (from experience and a real world approach)

> INTEGRITY (full & effective honest dosages)

> NO COMPROMISE (No artificial sweeteners affecting on gut health and more. Formulation and sourcing focused on delivering the best results not the high profit margins)